About Technoprenuership & ICT Business Idea Competition

Technopreneurship is an ambitious programme which aims at creating a new type of successful entrepreneurs in the domain of Information and Communication Technology as well as core technology area. We are trying to promote the spirit if technopreneurship through organizing the ICT Business Idea Competition. The ICT Business Idea Competition welcomes business ideas related to Information and Communications Technology focusing particularly in the development of technology solutions that will improve lives by making it easier for global citizens, in the area of Health, Education, Finance, Agriculture, Public Safety and key Government Services through the use of technology.

Authors are invited to submit previously unpublished original research papers and not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

The conference will deal in the following areas :
• Smart Education / Learning: Think smart. Enjoy fun educational services by using better information technology system. Enhance your learning capability, social skills and learning evaluation process with Lative-Fun LMS. Make education FUN in your life.
• Smart Transportation: Smart Transport focus on developing technologies for Intelligent Transport System (ITS). Smart Transportation system applies technology of electronic, communication, computer, control, sensing, and detecting in all kind of tranportation in order to improve safety, efficiency and service, and traffic situation through transmitting real-time information
• Smart Health: People say life is hard. Make it easier to monitor your health improvement with self medication through a mobile device. Interact and communicate your health condition with the love ones by accurate and widespread services.
• Multifunctional Smart Card: There is a wide range of multi-functional card is being under development now to choose from when designing various applications and researchers are now working on various different applications for this.

The full length papers should be submitted to


Subject line of the e-mail should contain Area Name and Title of the paper.

Contact Us - ICT-BPC

Mr. Ram Narayan Mohapatra,
Secretary, IIMT Research Network
At/ P.O.: Kantabada
E-Mail: secretary@interscience.ac.in

Programme Chair

Prof. Srikanta Patnaik
Professor, Department of Computer Science
SOA university
& Chairman, IIMT, Bhubaneswar
Odisha, India.

Objective TP-ICT

The objectives of ICT Business Idea Competition • To inculcate a culture of Technopreneurship among the graduates, researchers, IT and ITES professionals, as well as academicians. • To provide exposure and knowledge of key competencies required in becoming successful Technopreneurs. • To encourage graduates, researchers, IT and ITES professionals, and academicians from diverse backgrounds to share their business ideas, and form teams to leverage on both technology and business competencies. • To identify commercially viable ideas for development into Technopreneurs and to promote broadband usage. Learn more...