ICMLCI 20-21 OCT,2018
International Conference on Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence
(ICMLCI-2018) Venue: RELC, Singapore
Organizing Committee

General Chair:

Prof. (Dr.) Srikanta Patnaik,
SOA Deemed to be University,
Founder and Chairman
Interscience Institute of Management and Technology,
Bhubaneswar, India
E-mail: patnaik_srikanta@yahoo.co.in

Program Chair:

Prof. (Dr.) Vipul Jain,
Senior Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management,
Room 919,
Rutherford House, Victoria Business School,
Victoria University of Wellington,
Wellington, New Zealand.
Email: vipul.jain@vuw.ac.nz

Organizing Chair:

Dr. Faisal Saeed
Information Systems Department
Faculty of Computing
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Sponsored by

IIMT, Bhubaneswar (INDIA)


Submission Guidelines
  • The submissions may be of any form out of the following:
  • New algorithms with empirical, theoretical, psychological, or biological justification.
  • Experimental and/or theoretical studies yielding new insight into the design and behavior of learning in intelligent systems.
  • Applications of existing techniques that shed light on the strengths and weaknesses of the methods.
  • New learning tasks (e.g., in the context of new applications) and of methods for assessing performance on those tasks.
  • Development of new analytical frameworks that advance theoretical studies of practical learning methods.
  • Computational models of data from natural learning systems at the behavioral or neural level; or extremely well-written surveys of existing work.
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