WSLM-2023: International Conference on Wearables, Sports and Lifestyle Management

About Us

Sport is a fast-growing and dynamic industry in developed countries, with a unique system of governance which has given rise to a special economic development model that has been exported worldwide. Wearables is a complex and essential component of the Sports activities, which is considered as the rising factor in sophisticated the sports market in and around the world.

Gradually Wearables and Sports has become the largest sporting goods market in the world and its economic growth has led to an impressive increase in new sports business investments. It is at the heart of sport business not only in USA, but also in Europe, Asia and Far east Asia and Australia. In recent years, investors shifting their attention in acquiring and investing in sports properties across the developed countries, international leagues and teams looking to engage a new wave of fans, trading of key broadcast rights, to the strategic acquisition of major international sports events. There is no doubt that the world of sport has well and truly awakened to the considerable opportunities across the global market has to offer.

Keeping this fact at the forefront, we are keen to host the first International Conference on Wearables, Sports and Lifestyle Management (WSLM-2023) at Kunming, China.

WSLM-2023 aims to provide a forum for presentation of new research and demonstration of Lifestyle product, services and in the broad field of Lifestyle and Sports and Leisure management. The conference aims to bring together developers, users, practitioners and researchers in the this domain and business community for sharing and exploring new areas of doing business in the new economy.

  • Urban leisure centres, recreational and holiday parks
  • Rural recreation and leisure activities
  • Innovation and technology for Sports
  • Consumer spending behaviour in leisure activities, leisure shopping
  • Economics and planning of leisure services
  • Performance measure of leisure services
  • Pricing/promotion of leisure activities, information processing/sales
  • Marketing and vacation management
  • Hospitality services and place branding
  • Ecotourism, sports tourism, health tourism
  • Tourism marketing, e-tourism, globalisation, government policies
  • Planning, implementation, forecasting, quality systems/processes, HRM
  • Financial/revenue management


The followings are the topics to be covered, but not limited to:

  • Wearables in Sports
  • Sports technology monitoring, audit and evaluation
  • Innovation and technology for Sports
  • Emerging technologies for Sports
  • International sports technology management
  • Sporting organisation management
  • Total quality management
  • Quality management systems
  • Strategic management
  • Sports marketing
  • Sports financial management, economics
  • Sports facilities planning, evaluation, management
  • Sports event management
  • Human resource development and management
  • Entrepreneurs in the sporting sector
  • Management in professional sports clubs
  • Fitness and Lifestyle Modification
  • Psychology and Lifestyle Modification
  • Fitness for Life Style Diseases
  • Strength and Conditioning for Sports
  • Dance for Fitness and Lifestyle Modification
  • Marketing and management issues in the Sports industry
  • Leisure and Lifestyle products
  • Leisure behaviour in the arts and sports, cultural activities