Interscience Research Network (IRNet)
Interscience Research Network (IRNet)
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Interscience Research Network
The Interscience Research Network (IRNet) is a body to promote interdisciplinary research among professional, scholars and researchers. This organization organizes various workshops, seminars and conferences on various subjects time to time through out the year. This gives opportunity to researchers to discuss their research topics at the conference, share their research findings, fine tune their research output with existing literature and ongoing research efforts in the field by others. It also helps in getting input for improvements and in identifying issues for future research.

The main objectives of IRNET are as per following counts:

• To provide a platform to researchers to share research findings.

• To encourage researchers to identify significant research issues in identified areas, in the field of management.

• To help dissemination of their work through publications in a journal or in the form of conference proceedings or books.

• To use the research output of the conference in the class room for the benefits of the students.

• To help them in getting feedback on their research work for improving the same and making them more relevant and meaningful, through collective efforts.

• To help them fine tune their research output with existing literature and ongoing research efforts in the field by others.

• To encourage collaborative research with researchers of other institute of repute from India and abroad

• To identify research issues for future conferences.

Each Conference is conducted in collaboration with other institutes. We encourage and invite proposals from institutes within India to join hands to promote research in various areas of discipline. So far we have organized more than 100 conferences since our inception in 2008. There were over 5000 research papers presented in those conferences. These conferences have not only promoted the international exchange and cooperation, but have also won favorable comments from national and international participants, thus enabling us to reachout to a global network within three years time.
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Interscience Research Network