The Interscience Research Network (IRNet) is a professional forum, promoted and managed by I.I.M.T., Bhubaneswar, which is an Autonomous management institute approved by AICTE, New Delhi started in the year 2007, with the objective to impart all-round education in the field of management and technology. IRNet encourages scholars, researchers and professionals to take up research in the area of management, engineering and technology.

IRNet is engaged in sharing knowledge through organization of various conferences, seminars and workshops on various subjects time to time throughout the year.

IRNet is functioning from the IIMT campus located at Kantabada, Bhubaneswar. IRNet always encourages Scholars, Researchers to do research in interdisciplinary area and it is responsive to the changing demands of the academic society.


To establish a worldwide network of researchers and scholars of various disciplines, for providing them supports they need during their initial research time through arranging symposium, seminar and workshops in their disciplines.


To network among the researchers, scientists, academicians and professionals from Industries.

To promote research among the scholars, researchers and faculties.

To enhance the writing and presentation ability of the scholars, researchers before the international community.

To help the scholars and researchers to acquire knowledge through seminars, conferences and workshops.

To help scholars, researchers to present their findings in International Conferences

A 3rd International Conference on Smart City Challenges & Outcomes for Urban Transformation (SCOUT-2024) 26-27-Jul-2024 IIMT Bhubaneswar
B 2nd International Conference on Data Science and Informatics (ICDSI- 2024) 09-10-Aug-2024 IIMT Bhubaneswar
C International Conference on Computational Vision and Robotics (ICCVR-2024) 24-25-Aug-2024 Qingdao China
D International Conference on Renewable Energy Integration and Smart Grid (REISD-2024) 25-26-Aug-2024 IIMT Bhubaneswar
E International Conference on Integration of Renewable Energy-Efficient Networks and its Applications (IRENA-2024) 14-15-Sep-2024 IIMT Bhubaneswar
F International Conference on Intelligent Robotics & Cognition (ICIRC-2024) 04-05-Oct-2024 IIMT, Bhubaneswar
G International Conference on Wearables, Sports and Lifestyle Management (WSLM-2024) 11-13-Oct-2024 Kunming, China
H International Conference on AI and Smart Transportation (AIST-2024) 25-26-Oct-2024 IIMT Bhubaneswar
I International Conference on Image Processing and Vision Science (ICIPVS-2024) 26-27-Oct-2024 Qingdao, China
J International Conference on Economic Systems & Human Rights (ESHR-2024) 01-02-Nov-2024 IIMT Bhubaneswar
K International Conference on Big Data Technology & Business Analytics (BDTBA-2024) 22-23-Nov-2024 IIMT Bhubaneswar
L International Conference on Industry 4.0 and Intelligent System Applications (IISA-2025) 03-05-Jan-2025 Hong Kong, China
M International Conference on Biomedical Engineering Technology (ICBET-2025) 11-12-Jan-2025 IIMT, Bhubaneswar.
N 3rd International Conference on Computational Finance and Business Analytics (CFBA-2025) 04-05-Apr-2025 IIMT Bhubaneswar
O 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Future Society (AIFS-2025) 24-25-Apr-2025 IIMT Bhubaneswar
P 2nd International Conference on Disruptive Human Resource Management : People, Technology and Strategy (DHRM-2025) 25-26-Apr-2025 IIMT Bhubaneswar

New Paradigms in Internet Computing

This Special Edited Volume on “New Paradigms in Internet Computing“ has been compiled from the best presented papers out of the conferences organized by IRNet during 2012 and brought out from Springer, Germany.  is edited by  our Chief Mentor Prof. Srikanta Patnaik,  Piyu Tripathy and Sagar Naik (Eds.). The detail about the edited volume is available at:

About the Book: The renaissance of internet has reached the mainstream that is named as Web 2.0. People are now using the web to build things they have never thought of earlier. Experts take a step forward to what we contribute, and extend it and give back to the society, i.e. really the boon of internet computing. It has revolutionized the current business environment, not as a mere computing tool, but offers versatile services and increase the productive fl ow of information. It is a new dimension in computing systems by which companies can curtail their operating expenses, by hosting and operating through the internet. Now the users can access the required information by means of any device connected with an internet. The challenge ahead for implementing this versatile system is that the soft ware and technology has to be developed and deployed simultaneously vis-a-vis safeguarding the security and privacy of information.

This book encompasses various research and developments in Internet technology and put in the context of New Paradigms in Internet Computing. This includes chapters from academic research community as well as industry experts in the area of business models based on Soft ware, Protocols, Supply Chain Management, Security and also Cloud Computing.


This Special Edited Volume on “SOFT COMPUTNG TECHNIQUES IN VISION SCIENCE “ has been compiled from the best presented papers out of the conferences organized by IRNet during 2011 and brought out from Springer, Germany. This volume is eduited by our mentors Prof. Srikanta Patnaik and Prof. Yeon-Mo Yang, Kumoh National Institute of Technology, School of Electronic Engineering, 1 Yahoho-dong, Gumi, Gyeongbuk KOREA, REPUBLIC OF. The detail about the edited volume is available at:

About the Book: This Special Edited Volume is a unique approach towards Computational solution for the upcoming field of study called Vision Science. From a scientific firmament Optics, Ophthalmology, and Optical Science has surpassed an Odyssey of optimizing configurations of Optical systems, Surveillance Cameras and other Nano optical devices with the metaphor of Nano Science and Technology. Still these systems are falling short of its computational aspect to achieve the pinnacle of human vision system. In this edited volume much attention has been given to address the coupling issues Computational Science and Vision Studies.  It is a comprehensive collection of research works addressing various related areas of Vision Science like Visual Perception and Visual system, Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience, Psychophysics and Ophthalmology, linguistic relativity, color vision etc. This issue carries some latest developments in the form of research articles and presentations. The volume is rich of contents with technical tools for convenient experimentation in Vision Science. There are 18 research papers having significance in an array of application areas. The volume claims to be an effective compendium of computing developments like Frequent Pattern Mining, Genetic Algorithm, Gabor Filter, Support Vector Machine, Region Based Mask Filter, 4D stereo camera systems, Principal Component Analysis etc. The detailed analysis of the papers can immensely benefit to the researchers of this domain. It can be an Endeavour in the pursuit of adding value in the existing stock of knowledge in Vision Science.